F Aarty's Farm

Dr Wattlebee Next



The Little Earth Rover From Mars

Don't you wonder,
when you lose something,
just where it might have gone.
If you read this book you might just see,
what's really going on.

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Dr Wattlebee Next

Available Now! - Dr Wattlebee Next

And the case of Bernie Whimple's Pimple

This is perhaps one of the funniest picture book you will see.
The witty text is accompanied by cartoon-like artwork that is
laugh-out-loud hilarious.

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Poppa McPhee - Children's book

Poppa McPhee released into Stores

Poppa McPhee needs eggs to make his grandchildren their favorite cake, so of fhe goes to the shops. But his quest for eggs is forgotten when he spies a super-duper,razzle-dazzle yellow car!
With so much detail in Trevor Allan's illustrations and the billiant writing of John Parker, this book is a must read for any child.
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Newspapers interview the creator of Trevtoons

People can't get enough of Trevor and his illustrations. Whether it's the newspapers wanting interviews, great sales of his published books, or his books being constantly on loan at the local libaries, this author/illlustrator has many great ideas for books up his sleave!
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The Legend of F.Aarty's Farm

We're Running Out of Air Dear

The Legend of F. Aarty's farm

Trevor spins a smartly crafted adventure tale about the earth running out of air, wonderfully written and illustrated by Trevor that even the most reluctant readers will relish.
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Cartoonist Illustrator Childrens Books